Meet Susie Velasquez

Susie is a native Houstonian and the youngest of seven siblings. Some of her hobbies include traveling and reading old fashioned hard copy books. She says her mantra is “cherish the little things”, and it was one random “little thing” that led her to the path of running.

In 2001, Susie’s father passed away and for a few months after his passing, all she wanted to do was go home and be a couch potato. One random evening, on her way home from work, to avoid traffic she took a shortcut through Memorial Park. She hadn’t been to Memorial Park since she was a teenager. But as she drove through the park, she saw all these wonderful people walking, running and enjoying life. And most important, they weren’t sad. She said that as soon as she got home, she called her niece and asked her if she would like to join her in running at the park. It was that little decision she made to take that shortcut through the park that changed her fitness life.

Susie admits that her relationship with running has always been a love/hate relationship. She hates waking up at 5 AM in the morning and running in cold weather. She says the best thing about running is the comradery. She simply states, “I went out for a run and made all of these friends.”

Her most memorable running experience is when she ran the San Antonio Rock n Roll Half marathon, where she unknowingly had two stress fractures and limped 9 miles to the finish. She says it wasn’t the limping and pain that made it most memorable, it was the fact that her friend Mark, who had coached her and ran with her during all of the training long runs stuck with her to the finish line. The finisher medal is hanging in her work office and says it is the most priceless and a perfect example of the comradery and support you get in running.

Susie has participated in several relays, 5ks, 10ks and half marathons. After recovering from her stress fractures and a minor surgery, she decided to run her first 26.2 in 2013. Although, she took a hard fall while training for her 2nd marathon in 2015, she says she hopes to get back to running continuously and eventually run another marathon. For now, she is shooting for 13.1.

Susie finishing her first marathon 2013.

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